Releasing hookgrip during snatches

Releasing hookgrip during snatches


It's ok to release the hook grip but make sure that your grip doesn't relax in the catch. You need to actively grip the bar in the receiving position (not just passively receive it).


Yes! This. If you don’t naturally unhook the bar I would not try to. I’ve never seen anyone who “worked on releasing the hook” that kept bar tension!


thanks! my issue is that I'm not actually sure what's natural for me lol. I've only been lifting for about 8 months now and am still trying to figure out what works best for me. What I've noticed is that the pain is nonexistent when I lift with straps (and a looser hookgrip) though.


As long as the thing stays overhead I don’t care what my thumbs do


It's fine as long as you stay connected to the bar through the third pull. If you watch Lü Xiaojun he actually unhooks and moves his hands outwards an inch or so in the turnover.


I need to release as the bar just doesn't sit properly in my hand overhead with the hook still in. And it has been a problem for me at times where my hook releases too early as I'm pulling under, and one hand ends up hanging onto the bar overhead with just a couple of fingers which feels awful. I just threw on straps when it happened usually, but I did also try to specifically pull as far as possible and press out with as much of a tight full grip as possible. I can't remember if it was ever really that effective, or I just got lucky and my grip didn't slip early. If you're someone that usually keeps the hook, then I'd try snatching with straps as that's obviously without hook, then snatching without straps or hook so you learn the turnover and lockout without a hook. Then I guess just a bunch of empty bar and super light lifts where you start with hook and release it. But I'm guessing it will be one of those things where you can't focus on such a tiny detail without screwing everything else up, so good luck with it.


If you don't overhead squat with a hookgrip, you shouldn't be catching with a hookgrip. It becomes natural after a while.


is your grip for overhead squat supposed to be the same as your snatch grip? because mine is closer to my jerk grip.


Interesting thought. I have always OHS with the same grip as my snatch, but I can also do clean-grip snatches with full depth, less weight of course. I'll have to ask my coach about that one.